‘Entrepreneur’ Lists Touching Hearts a Top Franchise Under $50,000

Magazine’s highly valued list calls out low startup costs and rising demand

Wanting to own a small business and actually doing so often comes down to one thing: startup capital. That’s why many people looking at franchising opportunities turn to Entrepreneur magazine’s lists of terrific brands. One of those rosters, Top Franchises Under $50,000, recently published. Among the opportunities found there is in-home senior care franchise Touching Hearts at Home. This is hardly surprising, given that Touching Hearts is a unique franchise opportunity offering that magic combination of highly rated by consumers and also extremely affordable.

unique franchise opportunity elderly woman and caregiver

“We were extremely pleased to be included once again on this list of highly-thought-of brands,” says Scott Kummel, Director of Franchise Sales. “Entrepreneur magazine is the go-to source for people researching business opportunities, and making the cut for inclusion speaks highly of our brand opportunity. We have always kept our costs low, because we want this business to always be obtainable.”

Entry fees reflect an affordable business model

That’s a big differentiator. Touching Hearts At Home works to keep entry fees, as well as other operational expenses, low so a wide variety of entrepreneurs can access the business. Communities are made up of all kinds of people. The in-home health care franchise that cares for them should reflect that. Touching Hearts makes that happen because it keeps initial and ongoing costs low, and will always work to be affordable and accessible to men and women who have a drive to provide great in-home care.

“One of the major strengths of Touching Hearts is we have franchise owners from all walks of life,” he says. “Many have experience in health care, while others come from other industries. They all share a passion for serving others, for helping people remain in their homes and for enriching their communities. We want to make sure anyone who’s qualified is able to step into our network.”

Growth in client base creates opportunities

As the Baby Boom generation continues to age, tens of thousands of senior citizens are facing medical and other issues that imperil their ability to remain at home unaided. That’s why Touching Hearts at Home is seeing such rapid growth, and why it is able to build a franchising model easy to operate, gets high marks from consumers, and is also economically viable thanks to low costs for franchise owners in rural, urban, and all markets in between.

“Seniors want to remain at home, but we also serve people who have had hospital or rehab stays, who also would like to be at home versus in a care facility,” Kummel says. “Touching Hearts at Home is growing because we are an affordable business and needed business.”

Now is the time to join the Touching Hearts at Home franchise family. We are a pioneer in the non-medical, in-home senior care industry. We anticipate rapid growth for our company as the Baby Boomer population ages. A Touching Hearts at Home franchise business is an opportunity to make a living doing meaningful work.

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