Franchise Ownership Has Strong Appeal for Millennials

Entrepreneurially minded generation wants to provide services with meaning

When Justin McDermott says he knows how an in-home senior care franchise operates, he’s not boasting. As the son and nephew of Touching Hearts at Home franchise owners in upstate New York and an operator himself, he’s got the inside track on all that Touching Hearts does. Like many of his Millennial peers, he’s found a business that adds value to his life and the community he lives in — which he says is increasingly important to his generation and the one coming up behind it. Keep reading to discover why Touching Hearts at Home is a great business for Millennials.

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How did you get involved with Touching Hearts at Home?

My father owned a franchise in Rochester, which he now co-owns with my uncle. Now I am helping my relatives in the company with our latest franchise in Syracuse, which opened in spring 2017. When my dad began his Touching Hearts in 2007, he would pay me $10 an hour to fold brochures. As I got older, I would work as a caregiver during college breaks, so I’ve really been part of the company from day one.

What about this type of business made you want to deepen your involvement?

I worked for a manufacturing company in marketing and some other roles, and decided I wanted something with more purpose, a little more meaning. From a career standpoint, having this opportunity to start a new franchise from scratch was really appealing, and getting in on the ground floor of a business I already know, and seeing it grow, is rewarding.

Why do you think Millennials are looking into what a senior care franchise provides?

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about this, and we were realizing our generation is looking at an opportunity like Touching Hearts, for the same reason my Uncle Mark came on board. We are looking to pair up with a company that has a good mission and a strong purpose. We want to find more meaning in our work.

I have another friend who worked with an online recruiting firm. While he made good money and liked the job, he didn’t come home every day feeling fulfilled. So, he began to look for something that gives back or supports a mission aligning with his values.

I believe my generation also really likes the flexibility of owning their own business vs. working for someone else. If you can tie that to a company providing a valuable service and really gives back to people and the community, it’s a very positive outcome.

Now is the time to join the Touching Hearts at Home franchise family. We are a pioneer in the non-medical, in-home senior care industry. We anticipate rapid growth for our company as the Baby Boomer population ages. A Touching Hearts at Home franchise business is an opportunity to make a living doing meaningful work.

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