Meet Ramona Hunt, Director of Leadership & Development

A robust approach to franchise owner training helps set us apart

Ask Ramona Hunt how her day is going, and the reply is usually “busy.” And that’s fine with Hunt, the Director of Leadership and Development for Touching Hearts at Home in-home senior care franchise. She knows how full the days of franchise owners are, and is always ready to help them maximize their time and potential.

Ramona Hunt

Training, leadership, and development are three major ways that Touching Hearts stands out in the senior care franchise industry. That’s because Ramona Hunt, along with the rest of the corporate leadership team, understands a fast-moving business needs ongoing and comprehensive development programs to succeed. Here, she walks through a portion of what that looks like.

When someone becomes a Touching Hearts at Home franchise owner, what can they expect?

A week of training that takes them through our basic operations, so they learn the Touching Hearts system. They will learn the various aspects of running the business, how to hire staff, how to engage in marketing, and go through some scenarios about engaging with clients and their families. It’s a way to help them get started and talk about the values and culture behind the work we do and who Touching Hearts is.

What comes next?

Pre-opening training moves into the next stage pretty quickly. We help them learn the responsibilities and licensing issues in their particular state, and help them through what can be a complicated process. While all that’s going on, and well before they open, we engage in a series of calls to go over what was learned when they were with us, so we can reinforce any areas where there are questions. We understand they have a lot going on, so we’re ready to get into the details.

After opening, how does your team engage with owners individually?

We have a strong business coaching program. This is very helpful for a lot of our franchise owners who do not come from a business-operations background. We work with them to understand our care model, which helps them provide the best care possible. We work with them until they are fully confident, and even then we’re never out of touch. A big hallmark of our brand is that our owners feel like they are part of a much bigger organization. Franchise owners are never alone. They are independent and able to advocate for themselves. They also know we are working for them and with them every day.

How do owners engage with each other?

We have our national seminar every year, and that’s unbelievably well attended. It’s a true owner-to-owner experience, and a real celebration of all that Touching Hearts at Home is. Then we have regional meetings, so they can network with owners and talk about the unique challenges. They share best practices and always leave energized, with new ideas on serving their clients and being better leaders.

Now is the time to join the Touching Hearts at Home franchise family. We are a pioneer in the non-medical, in-home senior care industry. We anticipate rapid growth for our company as the Baby Boomer population ages. A Touching Hearts at Home franchise business is an opportunity to make a living doing meaningful work.

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