Touching Hearts At Home Takes Hands-On Approach To Franchise Owner Training

In-home care is a people business, so having the ability to handle any challenge well is a core skill set that gets constant maintenance

For many companies, training is a “one and done” endeavor. For Touching Hearts At Home in-home senior care franchise owners, it’s a constant, comprehensive and valuable part of the business.

“We believe that training is not something that is only done at the beginning when the business is being started,” explains Ramona Hunt, Director of Leadership and Development. “Keeping all the skills needed to operate a successful in-home care franchise fresh is something every owner needs, and something our team is devoted to making happen.”

Touching Hearts training is typically done with no more than 3 new franchisees and their guests.  Training is performed by our ownership, CEO and other franchisees, not in a dark room, large group powerpoint setting, but a conference room-like setting with lots of opportunity for dialogue and questions. Touching Hearts training requires no additional costs except transportation and a few meals.

People business = people skills

For new Touching Hearts franchise owners, training kicks off with a weeklong process that focuses on every aspect of the business. Getting those core business operational skills in place, and learning the Touching Hearts way of doing things, is essential. But mixed in with all the back-office information is a lot of focus on soft, or people, skills, Hunt says.

“Touching Hearts is a business that focuses on individuals, and their families and friends,” she says. “So, we role-play different scenarios so that franchise owners can become comfortable talking about what in-home care providers do, and how we can help those clients live a better life. Often seniors are very scared that they will have to leave their homes, and their families have concerns about their safety. Being able to bring a positive attitude and offer solutions can make all the difference in those situations.”

Ongoing coaching helps build confidence

A Touching Hearts At Home senior care franchise owner also benefits from ongoing coaching on both the business and client-interaction fronts. Building upon the foundation laid at the initial training, a steady focus on the Touching Hearts care model, along with updates on policies and procedures, helps keep owners aligned with the company’s overall growth and service goals.

“We travel to franchise locations to provide on-the-ground support and insights, and then back that up with regional meetings and our national seminar,” Hunt says. “There are constant opportunities for franchise owners to engage with us, and us with them, so that learning is as much as part of owning a Touching Hearts franchise as helping our clients is.”

Now is the time to join Touching Hearts at Home franchise family. We are a pioneer in the non-medical, in-home senior care industry, and we anticipate rapid growth for our company as the Baby Boomer population ages. A Touching Hearts at Home franchise business is an opportunity to make a living doing meaningful work as you serve members of your community.

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