Touching Hearts Franchise Is a Rewarding Career Choice for Millennials

In-home senior care service business attracts young adults looking for meaningful work

Millenials are now the most populated generation of the work force. With a hunger to do work that matters and an affinity for entrepreneurial endeavors, millennials are opting to own a service-oriented franchise. If you are a millenial considering business ownership, Touching Hearts at Home may be for you. Keep reading for more on our perfect franchise opportunity for millennials.

As a Touching Hearts at Home franchisee, you will find a rewarding career as a business owner who changes lives. If you want to live your passion of helping others and build a future of your own making, Touching Hearts is the brand that provides millennials a pathway to success and a meaningful, joyful career based on helping seniors.

Touching Hearts service-oriented franchise

“In the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of millennials who choose to franchise with us,” says Renae Peterson, Touching Hearts at Home CEO and founder. “Being a Touching Hearts franchisee is a perfect career path for millennials. These 20- and 30-somethings are some of our most successful franchisees. When you’re only 25 years old, you don’t have that fear of failure — you just want to dive in.”

Meaningful work in an entrepreneurial setting with Touching Hearts at Home franchise appeals to millennials

Many of our youngest franchise owners were introduced by an older grandparent needing help. Some have a background in or around the healthcare industry. Others come for the fulfilling work and entrepreneurial independence owning a Touching Hearts franchise brings. All of our millennial franchise owners have a passion and drive for helping others, despite their background.

In an article titled, “Senior care industry offers employment perks millennials seek” at McKnightsSeniorLiving, Diane Wiley writes, “Millennials put an emphasis on doing meaningful work that improves the lives of others.” The National Chamber Foundation in the report, “The Millennial Generation,” states that “Many to most desire to start their own businesses. They have the ideas and innovative qualities of successful entrepreneurs. Though research varies, one-half to two-thirds of Millennials consider entrepreneurship. More than one-fourth (27%) are already self-employed”. A Touching Hearts at Home franchise is ideal for young, driven entrepreneurs.

touching hearts senior living franchise

Ryan Lungstrom, Touching Hearts Director of Marketing, a millennial who “grew up” in the franchising industry, says his young adult peers make excellent Touching Hearts franchisees.

“I’ve been in the home office now for 10 years,” Ryan says. “Previously, I thought maybe you needed to be an older woman to be a successful service-oriented franchise owner. That’s the type of person you usually think of doing well. But the longer I’ve worked here, I’ve broadened my opinion of who can be successful. Millennials can actually be very successful in this industry, and we’ve seen it with our current franchise owners. Age is becoming irrelevant for those who are able to offer service in this industry.”

Now is the time to begin your career with Touching Hearts at Home franchise

senior care franchiseTouching Hearts at Home is a non-medical, in-home senior care franchise, helping seniors remain in the comfort of home. Founded in 1996, we’re a highly experienced franchise support team. A Touching Hearts franchise is easier to run than other home care businesses. We provide non-medical support, meaning our franchisees don’t need a background in healthcare. The market for non-medical, in-home senior care is expected to continue to grow, as the baby boomer generation continues to age and wants to remain in their homes. The number of seniors forecast for 2030 will grow to about 72 million.

Own a service-oriented franchise with Touching Hearts at Home

There’s never been a better time to join Touching Hearts at Home. We are a best-bet investment for people passionate about senior care and want to own their own business.

To learn more about the Touching Hearts at Home story, the growing senior care industry or the initial investment required to begin a Touching Hearts franchise, visit the research pages on our website. You may also request franchise information, and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

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