Touching Hearts at Home Franchisee Profile: Mark McDermott

New York franchise owner benefits from a business with a fulfilling mission and a satisfying bottom line

Touching Hearts at Home Franchisee Mark McDermottTouching Hearts at Home franchisee Mark McDermott says his senior care business is like no other he’s run in his professional career. It’s unique for this New Yorker, combining the absolute best of personal satisfaction, professional fulfillment and financial reward. Mark’s work excites him each and every day, which can be elusive for many people — especially in corporate settings. Touching Hearts at Home offers a welcome alternative to work that’s boring, rote or meaningless. Our franchisees, like Mark, love owning their own businesses that truly make a difference both for their clients and their families.

“I love the mission, I love the impact of what we do, and I love the interactions with seniors and their families,” Mark says. “I love knowing that we’re really helping in important ways, and I also like the camaraderie and personal gratification that comes from knowing other Touching Hearts franchisees. It’s been the best business experience I’ve ever had. The combination of reward and paycheck is a tough one to beat.”

Meaningful work for those who need it

Touching Hearts at Home is a unique non-medical home care company that began in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1996. Our franchisees provide in-home, non-medical care for seniors and those with disabilities. With affordable startup costs, a Touching Hearts franchise answers the demands of a rapidly growing market and offers great profit potential for owners.

It was Mark’s brother and business partner, Tom, who first discovered Touching Hearts. Mark says he knew immediately that they were onto something great. Tom opened the Rochester, New York franchise in October 2007, and Mark joined the operation a year and half later in June 2009. Mark and Tom have since opened a second location in Syracuse, New York, and plan to open an additional four locations in the next few years. Today, Mark handles the majority of the day-to-day franchise business, and he’s never been more satisfied in a career.

With an operation that now employs seven staff members and 125 caregivers to serve 175 clients, Mark is a great example of the success and impact that Touching Hearts franchisees can have.

Touching Hearts creates a personal, caring environment inside and outside the office

Mark is no stranger to the business world, having run several businesses before he found Touching Hearts. But none of those businesses had a culture anything like the one he enjoys today.

“Touching Hearts is a very personal business,” Mark says. “You have personal interaction with everyone in the office, and they truly care about your success. Naturally, this also extends to your interactions with clients. Providing them with the utmost in care is key to being profitable in this business.”

Mark says being a Touching Hearts at Home franchisee is more personally rewarding than his previous careers. “I have a sense of fulfillment from making a major positive difference in many lives every day. People in this industry are so nice, putting people ahead of profit.”

Touching Hearts at Home Franchise Services

Collaboration is key

When asked what he would tell others interested in buying a Touching Hearts franchise, Mark praised the company’s proven track record, availability of territories and, most of all, the individual approach that the company takes to dealing with franchisees. “You’re never treated as a number, and you’re always treated with respect. The company is personally invested in your success. They carefully pick everyone who works in the corporate office to ensure they do a good job, treating people as individuals and living out the company’s mission.

“The company has been a great resource in connecting us with other people in our business, as well as finding resources to help run our business. And there’s been a healthy dose of moral support as well,” adds Mark.

When asked about his future with Touching Hearts, Mark said that growth is definitely on the horizon. “In the future, I see a geographic expansion as possible, but there’s also a lot of growth within my territory because of the aging demographic. So I’m planning to adapt to that shift, improving my business systems to meet the growing opportunities.”

Now is the time to join the Touching Hearts at Home family

Since 2007, Touching Hearts at Home has provided affordable service options, such as transportation, meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, companionship and more. We can be there when family or friends can’t. With the number of seniors forecast to grow to 72 million by the year 2030, the need for senior care is expanding. Now is the time to start your own franchise business with us.

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