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Owning a franchise in senior care services allows you to use your skills to make a difference in your community

A Touching Hearts at Home franchise meets the tremendous demand for the thousands of aging seniors in your area who need senior care services, especially services that help them remain comfortable in their homes. In fact, the desire to age-in-place is the biggest driver of senior home care industry growth.

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Touching Hearts at Home should be the top choice for medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives looking to transition into business ownership. You already possess the skills to thrive with our dynamic in-home care franchise: patience, the ability to listen, organizational skills, as well as passion for helping others. With Touching Hearts at Home, you can utilize your skills and truly make a difference in your community. Now is the ideal time to join our franchise family. We anticipate rapid growth for our company as the nation acclimates to life after Covid-19. That growth will continue as the population continues to age. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of senior citizens is expected to exceed 71 million by 2030.

This isn’t the job for a live-by-the-numbers, die-by-the-numbers sales rep. It’s an opportunity for sales professionals seeking a more fulfilling career that better maximizes their skill sets. Renae says it best.

“To be truly successful in this industry and with Touching Hearts at Home, you really must genuinely care about people. Our most successful owners are authentic, feel good about what they’re doing, want to make a difference, and thrive on serving others. We have franchise owners from a variety of backgrounds, but there’s at least one commonality among them: a passion for their work.”

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