Why Our Clients Love Us

Seniors’ families love Touching Hearts for the quality care and peace of mind we offer

In our current society when families often live apart, taking care of a senior loved one is paramount. As more and more seniors are aging each day, their children and grandchildren want to help them retain their independence for as long as possible.

Touching Hearts

That’s why Touching Hearts at Home has been such a benefit to so many. Our quality care gives clients and their families peace of mind and improves their quality of life. Our clients and their families across the country have nothing but praise and gratitude for our work.

What our clients say

“Touching Hearts (TH) has been a godsend to us. We used to deal with numerous in-home services but have settled in with TH because they have been the best. TH’s home visiting staff members have been wonderful in the many chores they do for us around the house. The aides are friendly, knowledgeable, dependable and professional. TH’s administrative staff members also are extremely helpful and courteous concerning scheduling and payment matters. We couldn’t be happier with the entire TH organization.”
— Gary and Peggy W.

“We want to thank everyone who cared for dad in his final weeks of life. As long as I knew one of you were [sic] there I didn’t worry or stress about dad. Dad had nothing but praise for ALL his Caregivers. ‘Thanks’ doesn’t seem like near enough for the kindness, caring, and tenderness shown him. It meant so much that you would read scripture to him — God answered our prayers for caregivers in amazing ways! Your entire company is held in HIGHEST esteem by us. You truly are caregivers who put the patient first and are there to do whatever you can to improve their quality of life. You are loved!!”
— Patty and family

“Thank you so much for all your help in allowing my dad to spend his last months the way he wanted to — independent in his home and out in his garden. He never would have made it as long without all your assistance. Bemidji is a fortunate community to have such a wonderful service available to its residents.”
— Kathy G.

“All of your caregivers who took care of my mother over the years were remarkable for their dedication and professional skills. Their extraordinary efforts in tending to all her needs improved my mother’s quality of life beyond expectation. They became her dear companions and loyal friends. She looked upon them as members of the family.”
— P.B.

“Touching Hearts is a very, very professional organization. You and your staff have been exceptionally great to work with in every way. The people we have worked with on a personal face to face basis have gone above and beyond what we expected. We would, and have, strongly recommended Touching Hearts!!”
— J.C.

“I just want to say thank you for the care you’ve provided for mom over the last months. We feel you’ve been on top of details before we were and kept us in the loop. It has been a relief to our schedules and hearts to know you all were taking care.”
— S. & D.

“I was in my early to mid-80’s when my life became quite complicated! I was dealing with several serious health issues (both physical and mental). I became very weak and did not feel confident about driving. My sister recommended a young lady from her faith sharing group who was interested in helping people for a living. I interviewed Diane! She was such a warm, willing and friendly person! She now drives me to and from appointments and helps me with shopping — or shops for me. She is always on time, very dependable and cheerful. She handles herself well in emergencies, contacts doctors if necessary, prepares small meals, runs local errands and helps to share my problems as a friend.”
— Marie I.

“Touching Hearts at Home have taken a huge burden off my shoulders and put many of my concerns to rest where we can all sleep at night. Since I got my father home he has gained 10 to 15 pounds. He is much happier, starting to use his walker a little bit now to get around in lieu of the wheelchair all the time. I knew the best therapy I could provide for my parents that have been married for over 70 years is to get them back together and in their own home!

My parents love the caregivers and I don’t use the term love loosely. They really enjoy the conversations exchanged with the caregivers. In fact, my mother likes one of the caregivers so much that when she turned 93 she insisted one of the caregivers stay and celebrate her birthday with her along with family members.

I can honestly say, I think the quality of care and the relationships nurtured have extended my parents lives thanks to Touching Hearts at Home caregivers. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”
— Touching Hearts at Home client

“Touching Hearts has opened a whole new world for me. Several months ago, I was diagnosed with an illness that caused me to lose the sight in my right eye. Therefore, I cannot drive or completely function on my own. Touching Hearts stepped in and I now have a companion for a few days a week. Kristy is warm, flexible, always on time, helpful in every task and great company. All at Touching Hearts are very concerned about my welfare. I feel fortunate to have an association with their caring company.”
— Rita R.

“Touching Hearts has done just that: ‘touched our hearts.’ I had a very lonely father who was devastated by the loss of his wife of 62 years and a move to a new facility. I am the only child in town, and visit as often as possible but I was noticing a decline in his spirit. I contacted Touching Hearts and, after a visit with Lynn, I contracted them to make weekly companion visits. Lynn took the time to interview and get to know Dad, and she matched Dad up with Doug, as she felt they have like interests. They both enjoy watching and discussing sports. Dad so looks forward to his Sunday visits with his ‘friend’ Doug. It’s the personal touch Dad and I appreciate: the treats, Christmas Carolers, Valentines cookies, etc. Lynn also stops by when she is in the area, just because she cares. What a difference these visits have made and they give Dad something to look forward to. Touching Hearts gives me the peace of mind that someone else truly cares.”
— Connie S.

“Mom was depressed and we hoped a companion would help brighten her spirits. Touching Hearts at Home was recommended and we now know why. The interview with the family helped alleviate any concerns and the companion chosen has bonded with Mom and has exceeded our hopes. The follow-up provided as well has reassured the family that these are people who care. Thanks for touching our hearts.”
— Bob C.

“Thank you for selecting Kathy K. and Kelly H. as the primary companions for Mother the past few years. They were excellent at helping Mother through the various challenges caused by advanced age and failing health. The last few months when Mother couldn’t talk on the phone, they kindly filled me in on the news, such as what she had for breakfast, whether she had read that day, and whether she was talkative and happy. Being 700 miles away, it was comforting for me to know that she was being well cared for. Thank you for all your assistance in helping Mother through her final years.”
— Sue G.

“When my mother was struggling with her health and my demanding job prevented me from being with her as much as she needed, I had to find a solution. When I first met with the owner of Touching Hearts to explore using their services, I knew they were the right choice. I was never disappointed. They helped my Mom stay at home with all its comforts and the company of her beloved dogs. They provided standby assistance, housekeeping, laundry, transportation and meal preparation. They treated her more as a friend than as a client. The office staff was extremely flexible when things changed. I wholeheartedly endorse Touching Hearts at Home.”
— Mare M.

Touching Hearts at Home changes people’s lives

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