What Makes Our Company Culture Stand Out?

Our company culture is rooted in compassion, connection, and a heart for care

The company culture at Touching Hearts at Home was built on a foundation of caring and community deeply instilled in founder Renae Peterson’s family. The youngest of nine children, Renae’s upbringing was guided by values she would one day apply to the business world as she became a pioneering force in the franchise industry.

Renae was inspired to build a company that honored her parents and the spirit of caregiving they taught her at a young age. Renae’s mother was one of the first Touching Hearts at Home clients and was even featured in many of our marketing materials.

The new Touching Hearts at Home franchisee operations training manual includes this heartfelt preface from Renae:

To my parents, Walter & Melvina Peterson,

I thank you for sharing your love with such care to each other and all of your children.  May the work of TouchingHearts always honor you.  Through example, you helped me understand what a true gift it is to serve others.

This manual is dedicated in loving memory to both of you.

You taught me that it is a privilege to work and to serve God.

A heart for serving

From the franchise recruitment process to caregiver selection to ongoing owner training, the Touching Hearts at Home leadership team believes a heart for serving others sets their in-home care company apart.

We are also a very relationship oriented company. The Touching Hearts at Home franchise family understands nothing is more important than the connection between caregiver and client. Our franchisees are truly honored to work so closely with families who entrust the care of their loved ones to us. They know firsthand that choosing someone to care for a family member and come into their home is a highly personal decision. It’s a decision making process that must be handled with the utmost care and compassion, because it is highly impactful on the client’s quality of life.

“The Touching Hearts at Home culture is about doing the right thing. It’s not about putting a warm body into a senior’s home. It is about can we take care of the client and can we do it well,” Renae. “The whole culture emulates integrity and dignity because we want to make a difference the right way.”

A heart for community

Not only do we often become like extended family members to our clients and their families, but our franchise network is an extremely close-knit and supportive community. The Touching Hearts at Home franchise network is like a big family. Our owners care about one another and encourage one another, providing support, building camaraderie and cheering each other on.

“We have a strong culture. At our national seminars, our franchisees are up getting their awards on stage. Others are delivering and they are all celebrating. We really emphasize that we are like family at Touching Hearts,” Renae says. “And that really resonates well with families you are going to serve, because it’s families helping families.”

Because of this bond, our owners tend to stay with Touching Hearts for a long time. That translates into close ties within the communities they serve. “Our owners are loyal,” Renae says. “They are loyal to their families. They are loyal to the people they serve, and they go above and beyond because that’s the culture at Touching Hearts at Home, not just by our leadership team, but by all of our franchisees.”

A heart for caring

Our culture also impacts our franchisee selection process. While our Touching Hearts at Home owners all come from different backgrounds, they all share a heart for caring.

“Over the years I’ve seen franchisees enter this industry, and when they realize how special our services are and the financial rewards that go along with it, it can really be life changing,” Ryan Lungstrom, director of marketing. “The Touching Hearts at Home culture is built on caring, leading, and compassion. The people I’ve met have been incredible because it takes a person like that to succeed in this industry.”

Touching Hearts is proud of the principles that encompass our culture, which is founded on a diverse, strong, faith and client-first orientation. Our history and culture set us apart from competitors, but help build long-lasting relationships in the communities we serve. It’s the compassion and service that embodies our culture and is foundational to our thriving company.

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