Touching Hearts at Home Franchisee Featured in Local News

‘Daily Camera’ profiles Chris Greene


The Boulder County, Colorado, business community is taking notice of Touching Hearts at Home franchise owner Chris Greene. Chris was recently featured on in the “Boulder County Business” section.

At age 27, Chris may seem unlikely to own a business devoted to senior care. Chris explains how he got interested in Touching Hearts and says his business is thriving, filling a critical need in his community:

You’re 27, and you’ve been at this for a few years. What motivated you to work in senior care at such a young age?

My grandfather had Alzheimer’s. When he was sick, everyone pitched in, but my aunt was doing the majority of the care giving, and it was hard on her.

Then, I got some literature in the mail (about Touching Hearts) and had the experience with my grandfather in the back of my mind, of how hard it was on the family, and that’s where I saw the greatest need.

Touching Hearts is there to relieve that family pressure.

How is the business going?

We’re booming like crazy. We’ve already doubled our revenue figures for 2014 at this point, so we are on pace to double last year’s revenue.

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Photo credit:, (Mark Leffingwell / Staff Photographer)

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