Touching Hearts Franchise Model Is a Perfect Fit

Dedicated, professional caregivers can provide the many services clients and families need

Touching Hearts at Home in-home care services

No two people are the same, so it doesn’t make sense to assume that any two senior citizens or other individuals needing in-home care services would have the same set of requirements. That’s why every Touching Hearts at Home senior care franchise is able to meet clients and their families where they are with a variety of services.

“One client may be a middle-aged adult who’s been hospitalized and is still having mobility issues, so they need help getting to and from the bathroom, as well as grocery shopping or other outside errands,” explains Scott Kummel, Director of Franchise Sales. “Another client may be a fully mobile senior citizen, but their family members would like someone to help with daily living activities, such as cooking and laundry. Touching Hearts caregivers can do all that, or any combination of those and other activities.”

Flexibility allows for changing client needs

Being able to step in and offer help is what every Touching Hearts At Home franchise is about. When a Touching Hearts franchise owner or team member sits down with a potential client or their family members, that’s the core of the conversation.

“We make sure they know all that we can provide, so they can pick and choose what services they need at that moment,” Kummel explains. “And then as the situation changes, Touching Hearts can modify what we’re bringing into the home and adjust how we are helping that client. Sometimes that means doing less, other times it means taking on additional duties. Whatever the case, it’s a relief to know we are ready for whatever they need.”

Caregiver training covers all the bases

In the in-home senior care franchise space, that is a very important differentiator. Many models are set up for a specific roster of services, meaning clients have to look elsewhere for differing needs. By providing a full range of options, Touching Hearts franchise owners can fill a very big gap.

“No one wants to bring a lot of different people into their home because it’s disruptive,” Kummel says. “Touching Hearts can provide high-quality services with caregivers who quickly become part of the family. That means peace of mind and helping franchise owners build a client list and keep clients engaged longer.”

Now is the time to join the Touching Hearts at Home franchise family. We are a pioneer in the non-medical, in-home senior care industry. We anticipate rapid growth for our company as the Baby Boomer population ages. A Touching Hearts at Home franchise business is an opportunity to make a living doing meaningful work.

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