Touching Hearts Provides Opportunity for Profit While Making a Difference

Franchisee Brandon Briesath discusses the rewards of Touching Hearts at Home franchise ownership

Brandon Briesath touching hearts at home franchiseeWhen Brandon Briesath got into the business of quality, affordable, non-medical senior home care, he was no stranger to franchising. Through his experience managing a Merry Maids franchise with his parents, he learned about Touching Hearts at Home. After Brandon realized the potential return investing in the growing senior care industry could yield, he and his parents opened their first Touching Hearts at Home franchise in Brookfield, Wisconsin, in 2007. Ten years and three franchise territories later, he’s never looked back.

“My parents and I had sold one of our smaller cleaning franchises, and we were looking for a new opportunity,” Brandon says. “Touching Hearts at Home lets me work with a great group of people in a rewarding business. I get to be around people who truly enjoy what they do. Plus, the business gives me the flexibility to take time off when I want it. As the parent of a 3-year-old, that’s invaluable.”

Touching Hearts at Home is a unique non-medical home care company that began in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1996. Our franchisees provide in-home, non-medical care for seniors and those with disabilities. Owning a Touching Hearts franchise is a worthwhile investment of time and money for entrepreneurs who desire a rewarding career. With affordable startup costs, a Touching Hearts franchise answers the demands of a rapidly growing market, and gives franchisees the chance to make a difference in people’s lives.

Working to make a difference

Brandon loves how seriously Touching Hearts at Home takes the caregiver hiring process. “One of the ways we’ve set ourselves apart is having a handle on hiring and placing the right caregivers with the right people. We take serious time with this process, gathering information on the caregiver’s personality, experience, and background.” This level of commitment to finding the right caregiver match is a huge part of what helps us delight clients again and again, and we’re proud to work with franchisees like Brandon, who are truly putting our mission into action.

When asked what advice he had for Touching Hearts at Home franchisees, Brandon said patience is key. “This business takes a while to get off the ground. In the beginning, it’s all about building your reputation and setting yourself apart from the competition. Like any business, it has to be something you enjoy. The potential for great reward is there, provided you’re willing to put in the work.”

Brandon Briesath touching hearts at home

Brandon says that throughout his time as a Touching Hearts at Home franchisee, one of the things most impressed him is how the company sets their franchisees up for success. “The Touching Hearts executive team offers me insight and direction. They’re extremely knowledgeable, always there to answer questions about marketing, HR and everything in between.”

Looking to the future, Brandon Briesath says he plans to focus on growing his third franchise territory. “We currently have three franchise territories secured. In the near future, we plan to begin developing the third territory more fully. This will likely mean adding a new office location, as well as expanding our team of 55 staff.” Brandon worked closely with the Touching Hearts at Home team to design each of these territories for maximum profit and expansion potential.

Touching Hearts at Home franchise gives owners a flexible, people-oriented lifestyle

Brandon loves the flexibility that comes from being a Touching Hearts at Home franchisee. “I have four office staff who handle the day-to-day operations, such as scheduling, training and hiring. This lets me focus on billing, payroll and overseeing operations. It also lets me take time off when I want to and spend time with my young family. Of course, this will look different when you’re starting out, but it’s definitely a business that gives you control over your lifestyle.”

When asked who makes an ideal Touching Hearts at Home Franchise candidate, Brandon said top-notch people skills are key. “Touching Hearts at Home is the perfect franchise if you love working with people, are a good leader, and have a passion for helping others. At the end of the day, if you have the passion and work ethic, I believe you’ll be successful.”

Brandon Briesath touching hearts at homeTouching Hearts at Home CEO and founder Renae Peterson agrees. “It’s exciting to see the lifestyle that our business has allowed franchisees like Brandon to build,” Renae says. “With the need for senior care only growing, more people are realizing the great opportunity this industry represents, both in terms of potential financial success and, even more important, owning a business that improves people’s lives.”

Touching Hearts at Home is a brand you can grow with. Whether it’s your first franchise or third, we offer the chance to build a business based on compassion and service.

Now is the time to join the Touching Hearts at Home family

Since 2007, Touching Hearts at Home has provided very affordable service options such as transportation, meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, companionship and more. We can be there when family or friends can’t. With the number of seniors forecast to grow to 72 million by the year 2030, the need for senior care is only expanding. Now is the time to join franchisees like Brandon, who are helping to make a difference in this booming industry.

We are seeking caring individuals to become franchise owners. For more from Brandon Briesath or the Touching Hearts opportunity, request a copy of our Franchise Information Report or visit our research pages to learn more.

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