Why Do Medical and Pharma Sales Reps Excel in Senior Care?

Running a home care franchise requires a highly developed skillset common to medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives

Senior care is a people business. That’s the primary reason medical and pharma sales professionals make successful home care operators. You already possess the skills you need to help real people with real challenges. There’s one key difference between these industries, though, and that’s getting to know your clients as you and your team provide care is just an added bonus. Senior home care is a long-term relationship.

Over the course of your career, you’ve learned how to consult with clients, how to build relationships with outpatient directors and a variety of medical professionals who need to provide solutions for their patients. Those skills directly translate to the senior care industry, where you’ll have to think creatively and how to solve problems for a diverse community of aging individuals and their families. The skills you’ve mastered are valuable–and they can give you a significant leg up on competitors.

This isn’t speculation. In fact, one of our most successful franchisees, Haley Johnson, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to blend her professional experience and personal passions to help support their community by investing in our thriving in-home care franchise. This is her story.

How Haley Johnson leveraged her medical sales skills into a thriving senior care business

Haley Johnson enjoyed a successful career in medical sales. Through her work, she spent a lot of time in patient’s homes showing them how to use equipment as well as helping them find better outcomes from surgeries. She knew how to run a large business, work with employees to help them succeed, and ensure that day-to-day operations ran smoothly.

Here is what Haley has to say about their experience transitioning into a Touching Hearts business:

“Touching Hearts at Home is one of the best decisions I ever made,” says Haley Johnson. “I looked at other franchises, but when you meet with Renae and Scott and talk with them, you can feel their sincerity. They genuinely want you to be successful. They are there to support me, but they give me the room to run my business how I want to run it as well as give me the ability to create my own culture as I see fit. So, I have no regrets going with Touching Hearts. It’s been a fantastic decision for our family.”

Someone with similar career experience to Haley makes for an ideal Touching Hearts franchise owner. She has an operations mindset, strong willingness to network, determination, a passion for helping others, and perhaps most importantly, seasoned sales experience.

Since opening in 2018, Haley has built her built their Touching Hearts at Home in-home care franchise into a great success in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. She has done so well that she was awarded the “Rookie of the Year” award at our annual convention in 2019 for setting a record for the fastest growing franchise in Touching Hearts at Home history.

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