Touching Hearts at Home Franchises Have Cross-Generational Appeal

Owning a business helping others appeals to entrepreneurs of all ages

As the Touching Hearts at Home in-home senior care franchise network continues to expand, so does the age demographic of franchise owners. This demonstrates that the values behind what Touching Hearts at Home is and does are universally appealing.

touching hearts in-home senior care franchise network

“We are getting a lot of interest from the millennial generation, as well as even younger entrepreneurs finishing college or even still in school, but want to explore the business world,” says Scott Kummel, Director of Franchise Sales. “Touching Hearts has something to offer everyone, because being of service and building relationships isn’t something limited to one age group.”

For Millennials, the chance to connect

As members of the millennial generation continue to revolutionize the workplace, they seek the chance not just to be entrepreneurs, but to engage with a business profile that focuses on doing good with a strong orientation toward community as it provides valuable services. A Touching Hearts at Home in-home senior care franchise is tailor-made for that group.

“Our younger owners, some of whom have come into the business by working for friends or family as caregivers and now are exploring ownership, want that connection,” Kummel says. “They don’t want to be a business owner just for the sake of independence. They want a business they can be proud of that causes positive change in people’s lives.”

For baby boomers, a relevant business opportunity

Their parents and others in the baby boomer cohort also want to own a business that fills a need. Even the youngest of this group are in their mid-50s now and are looking toward their own future.

“A Touching Hearts at Home franchise owner who’s in his or her 50s or 60s is well aware of the issues around health care and remaining in the home,” Kummel says. “They are planning their own futures. In Touching Hearts, they see a business giving families a way to keep loved ones safe at home. When you’re realizing one day you may be in their shoes, it gives additional insight into the importance and value of what they are doing every day.”

Learn more about a Touching Hearts at Home franchise

Now is the time to join the Touching Hearts at Home franchise family. We are a pioneer in the non-medical, in-home senior care industry. We anticipate rapid growth for our company as the Baby Boomer population ages. A Touching Hearts at Home franchise business is an opportunity to make a living doing meaningful work.

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